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Nov. 2017 Price adjustments.

 Removal of furbearers, small game, non game mammals, reptiles and amphibians, bees, wasps & other insects or invertebrates, coyote, pigeon, English sparrow, starling, mice, mole, gopher and with proper permits migratory birds and waterfowl.

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 For injured animals

Please call Wildlife Rehabilitators Click here for information and contacts information. For information on diseases from Wildlife Click here

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Est. 09/26/2011

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 The Pigeon Coop LLC is a local owned and operated company out of Wichita, Kansas. Registered with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) for removing unwanted (nuisance) wildlife through out Kansas. We are not employees of the KDWP, but are governed on practices for the removal of nuisance wildlife.

When one or more of the requirements are met by a nuisance wild animal, you are able to call The Pigeon Coop LLC for any assistance that you need. A simple assessment can be given and a solution can be found that suits your needs.

Do not try to remove any animal that you feel may be more that you can deal with safely. Remember wild animals may carry diseases and can be very defensive when cornered.

Stop the possible spread of disease at your Home or Business! Stop your property damage! Stop worrying!

We remove nuisance wildlife, so you don't have to!

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 Requirements: One or more of the following circumstances must exist:

(1) The wildlife is found in or near buildings.

(2) The wildlife is destroying or about to destroy property.

(3) the wildlife is creating a public health or safety hazard or other nuisance.

Nuisance wildlife we are NOT able to help with are:

Threatened or Endangered Species or those Protected under Federal Law or Local Ordinance such as:

Woodpeckers, Hawks, Owls, Eagles, Cranes, Spotted Skunk, Mississippi Kites, Southern Flying Squirrels, Turkey


The Pigeon Coop LLC of Wichita, Kansas is

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